• I am a beginner. Can I train with you?

    Yes, absolutely. Our classes are open to everyone, regardless of level, gender etc.

  • Do you offer free trial classes?

    Yes, anyone who is interested in training at GF Team Berlin and hasn’t trained with us before, is welcome to join a trial class with us. Please message us Contact Form to book.

  • What type of membership do you offer?

    There are two types of contract (annual, flexible) as well as the option of acquiring a “10er Karte”. Please find more details and pricing under MEMBERSHIP.

  • How many times a week can I train as a member?

    As a member with GF Team Berlin, you can join as many classes per month as you want, within the type of your membership (i.e. BJJ only/No-Gi Grappling only, or both BJJ and No-Gi Grappling).

  • Do you offer private lessons?

    Yes, Gabriel Rainho, head coach at GF Team Berlin, offers private lessons. Please get in touch with us Contact Form if you are interested .

  • What will happen during class?

    A typical class will start with drills to warm up, followed by detailed demonstration and practice of various techniques, and finally some sparring.

  • What do I need to know about sparring?

    No kicking or punching, students try to use the grappling techniques they have learnt against a fully resisting opponent. Students must never try and hurt each other, techniques must be applied with control and as soon as your opponent submits (taps) he must be released.

  • Do you host seminars/open mats?

    Yes, we regularly host Open Mats which are free of charge and open to everyone. Gabriel Rainho also offers weekend seminars, and regularly invites high-calibre BJJ Black Belts from the GF Team Headquarter in Rio de Janeiro, like Master Julio Cesar, Jake Mackenzie, Vinicius Marinho etc. Please check our EVENTS section or the GF Team Berlin Facebook page to keep updated on upcoming events.

  • What do I need to wear?

    If you want to train BJJ, ideally you should wear a kimono, although shorts and shirt will be fine for your first few classes. To train No-Gi Grappling, shorts an shirt will suffice. No shoes on the mat!

  • Where can I buy a Kimono/Gi?

    We work with a great supplier from the UK, who produces high-quality BJJ kimonos and apparel such as rash guards, shorts etc. Please visit their shop here: Battle Gear BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimonos & Apparel

  • Is there a women’s class?

    We don’t offer dedicated classes for women only at the moment. Women are of course free to join all our classes at GF Team Berlin.

  • How do I start?

    Just book your free trial class HERE! We are a very friendly and helpful team where everyone is welcome.

  • What's Next

    upcoming classes

  • Membership Fee´s

    20% on Annual/Membership

    • 10er Card
      € 100
    • BJJ or NoGi Grappling
      Monthly Card*
      € 50
    • BJJ and NoGi Grappling
      Monthly Card*
      € 70
    • BJJ or NoGi Grappling
      Monthly Card/flexibel
      € 65
    • BJJ and NoGi Grappling
      Monthly Card/flexibel
      € 85
    • Kids BJJ
      € 25

    *Annual Membership based on 12 Months sign up today
  • Personal Training

    with Gabriel Rainho

    • 1-day Session
      On Request
    • 3-day Session
      On Request
    • 7-day Session
      On Request
    sign up today